Omega II Counting System

When it comes to finding the most powerful card counting strategies in blackjack, the Omega II Counting System is certainly amongst the best. Especially when compared to some of the other systems, it is relatively new and only became famous in 2001. The Omega II Counting System begins with a multi-level count style, making this a more advanced, yet powerful system when compared to the many other systems on the market. Despite that, it is not overly complicated and has a moderate difficulty level.

Efficient and accurate
The Omega II Counting System is extremely efficient and accurate. Players that are able to master it can benefit from one of the largest advantages possible with any counting strategy. The system offers an efficiency level for betting that is near 99 percent. It is similar to the Canfield Master and Zen counting systems.

Card Value Points
2, 3 +1
4, 5, 6 +2
7 +1
8, A 0
9 -1
10, J, Q, K -2

What level two means
As you can see, there is a wide variety of count values assigned to each of the different cards. If you use a level one system (the most basic system), there are far fewer count values to have to worry about. Because players have to remember a wider range of count values, the system is a bit more complicated than other systems.

A balanced system
The Omega II Counting System is also a balanced system. This means that the count starts at zero when the deck is first dealt, and the end count must also be zero after all the cards in the shoe or deck are dealt out. This provides a quick failsafe to determine whether the player lost track of the correct count at any point while playing.

When to go high or low
When using the Omega II Counting System, the strategy is not unlike other card counting methods. It is important to wait for a high positive count while the player avoids betting anything more than the table minimum if the count is low. Especially when the count is negative, it is important to bet as little as possible.

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