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Different Blackjack Variations Online

Being one of the most popular casino games of the moment, Blackjack online has a lot of variations. While all these games are essentially Blackjack, they come with a variety of specific rules, features and bonuses. Here’s a quick introduction to the most common Blackjack variations online.


Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack (Gold)

As the name says, the basic Blackjack game; played with a single deck of cards. There is no Surrender option. Gold variant comes with enhanced graphics and sounds.


Playtech’s Classic Blackjack

Another standard Blackjack game with no Surrender option, but this one is played with 6 decks of cards.


Vegas Strip

Similar to conventional Blackjack, but played with only 4 decks. However, here the player can split the aces only once, and cannot double down after splitting.


Blackjack Surrender

Similar to Vegas Strip, but allows the player to Surrender the hand (early or late), and also incorporates the 7 Card Charlie rule.


Atlantic City Blackjack

Uses standard rules and 8 decks of cards. The dealer stands at both hard and soft 17, which significantly lowers the house advantage. Other rules can sometimes vary between different casinos.


Blackjack Switch

One of the most popular variations, this game is similar to basic Blackjack. However, here the player is dealt two hands and is allowed to switch the second cards between the hands. Keep in mind that in case of Blackjack tie, the dealer wins.


Progressive Blackjack

The same as Classic Blackjack, with the added option to place a small side bet that accumulates toward a progressive Jackpot and other bonus payouts.


Double Exposure Blackjack

This game lets you see both of the cards in the dealer’s hand. Double Exposure is played with 8 decks of cards and has several rules changed to cover for the dealer’s disadvantage.


European Redeal Blackjack

A new game that introduces Redeal button – an option you can use up to 5 times in each session. With this, for a small fee you can re-deal your hand, the dealer’s hand, or just ask for a single card to be dealt again.


Spanish 21

Typically played with 6 or 8 decks from which all tens are removed. Various rules are changed to favour the player: e.g. a 21-point tie is always won by the player. There are also bonuses: getting a 7-7-7 wins you special payouts.


Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack

Speaking of sevens, this is another game that gives bonus payouts for them. The players can also win a progressive Jackpot if they get three diamond sevens.


Hi Lo 13 Blackjack

A European Blackjack game in which side bets are placed, betting whether your first two cards will add up to 13, less than 13 or more than 13.


Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Here, side bets result in payouts whenever your first two cards are a coloured pair, a mixed pair, or a perfect pair. Played with 4 – 6 decks.


High Streak Blackjack

This variation awards you with special Jackpots for Blackjack winning streaks.


Multi-Hand Blackjack

All variations that let you play with several hands simultaneously.



A British variant of Blackjack, with slightly different rules.



What’s the big Redeal? European Redeal Blackjack hits the casinos!

Blackjack is certainly one of the most popular casino card games played across the world today, with many different variants available for the individual to play. But now Microgaming have introduced their brand new European Redeal Blackjack game into the market, offering players an exciting new ‘twist’ to the genre.

Redeal Blackjack

What is it that makes European Redeal Blackjack so different to the rest of the games available? Well in the new version, you are allowed to hit the ‘Redeal’ button five times in each session for a small additional cost to your wager.

Hitting the Redeal button gives a player never-before seen levels of control of their hands and gameplay. You can redeal not just your own cards that you have been dealt, but you can also elect to have the dealers cards redealt, or if you have twisted and received a poor card, you can even opt to have the last card you received redealt to you!

Best of all, if you hit a certain combination of poor cards, then the software will automatically redeal you a new hand at no cost to you!

The game includes many popular options that keeps Blackjack such a popular choice for all loves of online casino games, including the options to Split and Double Down.

Both the Dealer and Player automatically stand when they reach 17 or greater.

With the game realised using crisp, brightly coloured animations, superb sound and super-fast game play, European Redeal Blackjack certainly offers fans of the game everything they need to help turn a session at the Blackjack tables into a more profitable one thanks to shrewd use of the brand new Redeal feature.

So why not ante up now and remember, if you don’€™t like the cards you’ve been dealt; just hit Redeal!