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The Best Mobile Blackjack Games From Microgaming

Top mobile Microgaming blackjack games

Microgaming, one of the world’s most prominent gaming software developers, offers a wealth of online games for its avid players. The platform’s selection of Blackjack games in particular, is extremely varied, and it has managed to keep players entertained for decades. Not only does the company offer high quality blackjack games on desktop, but also a huge range of mobile blackjack games. Play on your iPhone, Blackberry or tablet. Microgaming has all sort of mobile blackjack varieties. Here are 4 mobile Microgaming Blackjack games you should want to start playing right now.

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

The famous Atlantic City Blackjack Gold has gone mobile. The Microgaming game features the exact same rules on mobile as the web version; it does have a unique style though. Just like most blackjack games, the dealer has to stand on 17. The player can double down provided the action is performed with the first 2 cards. Hands can be split up to 3 times, although you can only split Aces one time. The mobile version uses 8 decks that are being shuffled before each game. Do you have what it takes to beat the house?

European Blackjack Gold

Microgaming’s newest European Blackjack Gold is played using two decks of cards. The mobile version adheres to standard Blackjack rules, where the dealer must stand on 17. There’s a side bet option players can use; you bet on whether you have cards that are higher than 13, or not. This Gold version of European Blackjack allows players to split their cards, take insurance or double, just like in a standard blackjack game.

Classic Blackjack Gold

Some people like Blackjack, period. They want to play the classic game because it’s the most straightforward; there are no confusing rules, no twists, no extras. Classic Blackjack Gold is exactly what you need. It has sleek, simple graphics, standard rules and a killer background that will make players feel they’re in a real casino. How great is it to play your favourite blackjack game directly from your smartphone?

Vegas Downtown Blackjack

The heart of Las Vegas is packed with fabulous casinos, there’s no doubt about that. But if you’re at home, and you don’t feel like dressing up, Vegas Downtown Blackjack is a much comfortable way of enjoying your favorite casino game. The rules are simple: two decks are used in the game; split any 2 cards that you want up to three times, and double down if you feel like it. Are you ready to put your blackjack skills to the test and try your luck at beating the house?

Where to play mobile blackjack games

You can play your favourite mobile blackjack games on the go from any of these Microgaming mobile casinos:

o Mobile Casino Action
o Mobile Luxury Casino
o Mobile Golden Tiger Casino