High Limit Blackjack

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Why do high rollers love high limit blackjack and baccarat?

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about high rollers is that they are careless with their cash. Many people assume that because this type of punter makes bigger bets, that they are not as bothered about winning or losing as the average punter.

This is, of course, entirely inaccurate and overlooks some of the key skills and knowledge that many top earning gamblers have.

A good example of this is when a high roller wants to play a game at an online casino. Their experience, skills, research and knowledge will have given them a clear understanding about which are the games at any online casino that offer the house a much greater advantage and which games cut the house advantage right down. A smart high roller will always be found playing these type of games simply because the odds are not quite so stacked in the favour of the house.

And when it comes to games where the house advantage is very small, blackjack and baccarat are two of the games that many high rollers target.

Take for example a game like High Limit Baccarat.

If you are new to the game, learning about the rules and gameplay by reading about them is one thing, but actually playing a game, or witnessing it live helps you understand far more quickly the subtle nuances of the game, which bets to target and which bets to avoid.

As you gain experience playing High Limit Baccarat, you can adjust the speed of play from slow (which is ideal for beginners) to medium, to fast and up to fastest which allows much speedier game play for experienced baccarat players.

Once you understand the basics of the game, you can then move onto other versions of the game. Multi-Bet Baccarat is a new game played with 8 decks of cards and which allows the player to make a minimum of one bet, or a maximum of nine and has a number of new features including Card Peeking.

These changes take the simple game and give it an added twist for experienced players. Now there are a larger number of bets that can be made each hand, more options when playing which means that there is more chance to win!


The same is true for High Limit Blackjack, like Hi Lo 13 European Blackjack.

This new game takes the original blackjack, a favourite with high rollers due to its low house edge, and gives it a 21st century update, adding many new features including a chance to bet on whether the first two cards will be higher, lower or equally to 13, once you have placed your usual blackjack bet.

Blackjack is a very popular choice for high rollers given that the house edge is low and that it is relatively easy to control the amount you bet on each hand. The added spice of a side bet on whether your first two cards are higher, equal to, or lower than 13 also gives each hand a little extra spice.

In short, high rollers love blackjack and baccarat because these games see the odds less in the favour of the house and with new games being developed like Hi Lo 13 European Blackjack and Multi-Bet Baccarat, there is now more choice than ever for high rollers to enjoy these games with more betting options than ever before.