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Face the Fire Breathing Dragons in the City of Westeros by Playing Game of Thrones Virtual Slot Machine!

If living in a medieval time period, battling dragons and protecting your king and queen, as their go-to knight sounds enticing to you, then the Game of Thrones virtual slot game is for you! The slot machine is based on the popular HBO television series Game of Thrones, which was become widely popular all across the globe. The game features all four houses from the TV series, as well as several bonus features and high quality graphics.

At just $0.15/spin players can master the 15-line game or for $0.30/ spin, players can take a chance on the 243 ways game. Earn mass amounts of money quickly and put it in your savings account, or gamble it out while making your way across a dangerous trail. Get to the end of the trail and double your money, get burned by the dragon and lose it all!

If a series of 3 throne symbol cards appear on your slot machine, you have the opportunity to embark on a journey through one of the four Game of Thrones Houses. Each journey gives you test spins, multipliers, and symbol cards. Choose carefully and consider your options so you don’t lose any of your hard earned cash!

The House Targaryen offers 18 test spins (the highest of the four houses), 2x multipliers, and 6 symbol cards. The House Stark provides players with a stack of 5 symbol cards, 14 test spins, and a 3x multiplier. With 10 test spins, a 4x multiplier, and 4 symbol cards, the House Lannister is all about loyalty. The final option, House Barthoen, contains 8 test spins, a 5x multiplier, and a stack of three symbol cards.

For quick cash, take advantage of wild cards that appear! They offer instant cash prizes that you can gable or save for your bank!

Choose your battles carefully and consider the right path for your journey through the city of Westeros.