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Blackjack Mnemonic Techniques – What are they and why use them?

Blackjack Mnemonic Techniques -€“ What are they and why use them?

Before we explain how mnemonic techniques are used in blackjack, we need to first clarify what a mnemonic is and why they are useful to the individual.

What is a mnemonic?

A mnemonic (pronounced nem-on-ic) is simply a device that is used as an aid to memory. A good example of a simple mnemonic that everybody is aware of is the saying ‘€œEvery Good Boy Deserves Football’ to indicate what notes the lines on a musical scale refer too.

How are mnemonic’€™s useful in blackjack?

To become a good blackjack player, you need to understand the Basic Strategy of the game. Indeed, many players would argue that understanding this key element of the game – which is based upon the odds of success, should any given set of cards be dealt to you or the dealer – is fundamental to long term blackjack success.

Unfortunately, for a new player learning the basics of the game, while basic strategy may be simple to understand, the sheer number of situations that can arise in a blackjack hand mean that remembering what to do in each of these situations – surrender, split, double or hit – can be a real task.

This is where mnemonic memory devices come to the aid.

The best mnemonic devices for blackjack, such as one readily available for download from the iTunes shop, offer the user a way to remember which action to take in a certain situation, by remembering a key rule, or rhyme.

Once these devices are learned, the player can then play blackjack using basic strategy to a decent level and increase the odds of them winning, or at least not losing too much money on a poor hand.

Are mnemonic blackjack strategies a guaranteed way to profit?

No, these strategies only help the player improve the chances of success, they do not guarantee it. The basic strategy of blackjack only helps keep the odds in your favour, it does not eliminate failure. You will still lose, but hopefully you won’€™t lose quite as often and when you win, you should hopefully win more!