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Becoming an Advantage Player in Blackjack

If you have mastered the basic Blackjack strategy and feel ready to hone your skills to the point where you can call yourself an advantage player in blackjack, read on. Becoming a successful player is not easy, but knowing the fundamentals of advantage play will help you get on top of this game.

The essential requirement for every aspiring advantage player is discipline. This includes everything from keeping your head cool and betting big only when you have the advantage, to waiting patiently at the table even if the cards don’t seem to favour you. Panic, impatience and other big emotions are game killers.

Advantage play at Blackjack is not a trick or some sort of scheme that will make you miraculously rich in a blink of an eye. Instead, it relies on math systems that take a reasonable amount of effort and offer realistic advantages to dedicated players.

Speaking of dedicated players… Becoming really good at Blackjack takes time and practice, and a lot of it. Learning advanced Blackjack strategies is not enough – you need to practice them until you are able to use them flawlessly, regardless of distractions. Also, keep in mind that the longer you play, the faster you will become. Don’t push yourself too hard at the start.

There are excellent Blackjack software products that will help you master various advanced Blackjack strategies. The use of software is strongly recommended.

Negative variance happens. Sometimes you will lose some money. The cards won’t favour you; the dealer will have a lucky spell… This will occasionally happen regardless of your skill level. Make peace with the fact that negative variance happens and prepare your bankroll accordingly.

Remember these advices well and good luck on becoming a successful advantage player!

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