What Is Blackjack Basic Strategy?

Basic Strategy

Many novice Microgaming casino fans are unaware that one of the games with the lowest house edge can be made even more profitable for the user if they follow a specific plan. The game is blackjack and the plan is Blackjack basic strategy!

How Can You Have Blackjack Basic Strategy, Isn’t It A Game Of Chance?

Yes, Blackjack is a game of chance but it is one with a limited number of possibilities. The fact that most online casinos use single, double, six or eight decks of cards, mean that it is entirely possible to analyse all possible eventualities that you can see. Namely, what your two cards are and the face up card of the dealer.

Furthermore, it is also possible to calculate what the chances of success are for each possible situation in the game of blackjack for each of the four possible options the player faces, splitting, doubling down, hitting or standing.

What blackjack basic strategy is? A table that clearly shows that when the dealer has face up card of value X and you have a hand of YZ, then you should take the stated option in order to give you the best statistical average of success.

Does This Mean I Will Always Win Using Blackjack Basic Strategy?

No, not at all. Even if you learn Blackjack Basic Strategy by heart and know exactly what to do whatever cards you can see, there is always the element of chance that the dealer may still win.

What blackjack basic strategy does do though, is put the odds in your favour more, than simply playing an ad hoc game. If you follow blackjack basic strategy, you will win more hands of blackjack than you would playing an off-the-cuff game. This has been proven over millions and billions of hands.

Is Blackjack Basic Strategy Illegal?

Absolutely not, you can use it when you play at an online casino, or in a real world casino – and if you master it, you can make a game that is already one of the most favourable to the player, into one that offers a consistent chance of success, more of the time.

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