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Blackjack – Online VS Real

Online Casinos and Blackjack
Blackjack is a popular game in traditional casinos and online casinos. The game is easy to play and you can win some money while having fun playing. This is one of the casino games that is part luck and part skill. The essential of the game are the same regardless of whether you play online or in a traditional casino.

The Dealer
The main difference in online blackjack and traditional blackjack is also the most obvious one, the dealer. If you play in a traditional casino you have a live dealer. You obviously don’€™t have a live dealer when you play in the online casinos. The only drawback that most people see in this is the lack of interaction with the dealer. If you want to have the cards replaced with a new deck, you can’t ask the dealer, just as you can’€™t ask to replace the dealer.

The Cards
Playing traditional blackjack in a live casino means you know how many decks are being played. This is important if you are a card counter or want to ask if the dealer can get a fresh deck. You can’t do this with online blackjack. You have to play the cards you have and you never know how many decks are being used in any single game. It is close to impossible, if not impossible, to count the cards in online blackjack.

Read more on the advantages of online blackjack in our next blogpost!

Different Blackjack Games

Blackjack online provides a variety of game options available for players. Selecting the best blackjack game is essential to enjoying your experience and increasing the possibility of winning the game. When making a selection, consider the bonuses, plays and interaction options available. There are mainly two types of blackjack online games available, multi-hand blackjack and single hand blackjack games.

Multi-hand Blackjack is a variation of blackjack that allows players to play with up to five decks of cards. In addition, each player is able to play up to five hands at once against the dealer. The objective is still the same to obtain a hand that does not extend beyond 21. Two of the best games are Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack and Multi-Hand Blackjack Double Exposure Blackjack.

Atlantic City Blackjack
Multi-hand Atlantic City blackjack is an exciting Atlantic City themed game that allows players to bet up to five hands simultaneously or independently from one another. Distinctive aspects of this game include the ability to play with up to eight combined decks of 52. Players are also able to split their hand if they are holding an ace. The split can only be taken once, and the winning pay-out percentage is reduced when a split is taken.

Double Exposure Blackjack
The Double Exposure Blackjack is considered highly profitable and offers the ability to win multiple jackpots. The game is mainly designed for advanced players who are highly skilled and knowledgeable with playing multi-hand blackjack. Players will have the opportunity to play a game where the dealer cards are exposed. Since both cards are visible, insurance bets are not available during the game.

With single hand blackjack, players are playing a classical form of blackjacks. The standard requirements of the game are to receive two cards face up in order to accrue a hand close to 21 point in order to beat the dealer’s hand.

European Blackjack
European Blackjack is a truly unique blackjack online game and offers a twist to the standard gaming options. The main difference is the ability for players to hold onto their entire hand while the dealer has only one card. During the game, players are able to hit, split, double or stand. In addition, insurance can also be taken during the game. This game is challenging and is considered a game that is high energy and exciting for most players.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack
Vegas Downtown blackjack plays against the dealer with two standard decks of cards. The game has low stakes and liberal rules for an advanced level game. Players are able to double down, split and take insurance. In a few online casinos, players are able to play for a small amount.

Top 3 tips for Playing Blackjack Online

The main goal to playing blackjack online is to have fun and of course to win. Creating a winning strategy with blackjacks is based on knowledge and skill. With the right knowledge, players can create a method to win an online game. A few tips to creating a winning strategy include understanding the game; counting cards and choosing the best casinos.

Understand the Basics
Playing blackjacks online without a good understanding of the game can increase a player€™s frustration and prevent a player from truly enjoying the game. Prior to participating in an online tournament, study the basic rules to improve the experience of playing blackjacks. Reading books and studying the blackjack strategies can help create a successful plan. Instructional videos are also available to teach individuals on the best way to play the game. Once you understand the basic foundation of blackjacks there are online casinos that offer sign up bonuses that can be used to practice.

Counting Cards
Enjoying the game of blackjack at a standard casino is often based on counting cards and understanding the hand you have been dealt. When the counting of cards has been mastered, playing each hand becomes increasingly easier. Counting cards also enables players to take insurance if necessary. Insurance should not be taken if a player is not counting cards. In addition, taking insurance is a high risk option and should only be used if a player believes the bet is in their favor. This strategy can take a while to learn and is not a recommendation for most blackjack online players. This is especially the case if the dealer is showing an ace. With online game, counting cards is often difficult due to the simulations within the game and may not be beneficial.

Choosing the Best Online Casinos
One of the most important aspects of choosing a blackjack online game is to choose the best casinos. Consider companies with good reputations and feedback from previous users. Software security is also important to ensure the protection of personal information and the processing of winnings. Prior to playing the game also review the rules of the game to ensure that you are placing the right bets and playing a game that will not result in the loss of earnings.

These are a few strategies to help start off on a path to enjoying blackjacks online. Remember to focus on your strategy throughout and not to be distracted by the actions of the other players. Making spur of the moment decisions may result in the loss of a hand and money.

Three of the Best Casinos to Play Blackjack Online

Envision experiencing the thrill and excitement of a casino without leaving home. This is the possibility that online casinos offer, but beginners are often overwhelmed with the variety of options available. Choosing an online casino is based on several factors, the most important aspects are security, realistic game play and the company’€™s ability to process winnings. A small portion of online casino companies are able to excel at providing these services and create an excellent experience for players. A few of the most notable are, CasinoClassics.Eu and

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Casino Action is a prestigious online casino established by the prominent Casino Rewards Group. The emphasis of the company is to provide players with a secure and entertaining gaming environment. The casino offers $1,500.00 signup bonus and a selection of 456 Las Vegas style games. To begin playing, players simply have to download the company’€™s software to play games such as roulette, blackjack online and slots. In addition, the casino has 24 hour support by phone, e-mail and chat. This is an added security benefit to players and helps improve communication between the players and the online casino.

Casino Classic is another online casino established by Casino Rewards. The company has over 11 years of experience providing quality services to customers. Players that register with this company qualify for a $500.00 Test Play with the ability to keep their winning after an hour of playing blackjack online. The benefits provided by Casino-Classic.EU are fast pay outs and 24 hour customer support. The software is protected with 128 bit encrypted software to ensure secure game play. Also, as part of Casino Rewards group, players are able to participate in the casino’€™s loyalty program. The rewards program allows players to accumulate VIP points in an account that can be used in any of the 30 casinos within the network.


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With a $1,500 bonus provided by Golden Tiger Casino, players are encouraged to take part in the amazing bonuses the casino has to offer. The company is over ten years old and has received numerous awards for the entertainment and services provided to customers. Players will experience games with realistic graphics, smooth gameplay and exciting sound effects. Unique games include Atlantic City Black Jack, Tomb Raider-The Secret of the Sword and Poker. The casino has over 456 Las Vegas casinos games available on their site. In addition, customer service is available 24 hours a day by phone, chat and email.

Locating the best online casinos to play blackjack online requires a little bit of investigation in order to discover a company that is trustworthy and fun. When choosing a company focus on credibility, quality tournaments and the ability to pay winnings.

For All You Blackjack Online Fans!

It’€™s only love since blackjack went online

Most players who discovered the game of blackjack in a land casino will tell you that they almost instantly formed a love hate relationship with the game. After all blackjack is the only table game where a player has any say whatsoever on how the hand while turn out.

That is usually the reason why so many players are attracted to the game which is also very fast moving and offers tremendous challenges for every card dealt.
On the downside blackjack players who think a little have to face so many obstacles if they want to come out ahead from a land casino blackjack session. To begin with the house has stacked so much of the odds against them and, if that were not enough, is constantly tweaking the rules to make winning consistently even more difficult.

Add to that the fact that blackjack player in a land casino has to second-guess every other player at the table on what they will do with their cards.
That is why a communal sigh of relief was heard when blackjack finally began to make its appearance online a few years ago. Now thinking blackjack players can only love this game because all the negativity has been taken out of the loop.

These days, a player who chooses eblackjackonline casino has only himself to worry about and they can use all the skills and strategies against the house, and in the comfort and security of their own home.

Here are the top casinos for Blackjack:

Casino Action
Casino Action not only offers some great Blackjack games but all new players are also eligible for $1250 in bonus money!

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Blackjack Ballroom
You can’t go wrong with Blackjack Ballroom Casino with over 458 Las Vegas style games, regular promotions, giveaways and to top it up, $500 in credit for all new players!