Recommended Literature for Advanced Blackjack Players

Blackjack Books

Many books have being written on Blackjack – some of them aim at beginners, while others explore complex aspects of the game. Since finding the right piece of literature can be difficult in this sea of choices, we have put together a list of books that will help you master advanced strategy.

Modern Blackjack – An Illustrated Guide to Blackjack Advantage Play by Norm Wattenberger is an extensive guide that will guide you through various Blackjack strategies. And the best thing is – it’s a free online book!

The Theory of Blackjack by Peter Griffin is well suited for experienced players who want to learn more about mathematical aspects of the game. You can learn how card counting systems work, as well as perfect your understanding of mathematics behind the basic strategy.

Burning the Tables in Las Vegas by Ian Andersen – learn A to Z on advanced strategy from one of the top Blackjack players of all time! The book also offers tips on how to camouflage your advantage play in casinos.

Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong is a classic book and comes from a famous Blackjack theorist. Among many things, it extensively covers Hi – Lo card counting system. A great piece of literature for (aspiring) professionals.

The Big Book of Blackjack by Arnold Snyder covers a wide range of topics: from history to various strategies. Arnold Snyder is a renowned Blackjack player and author.

Blackjack Attack, 3rd Edition by Don Schlesinger is another favourite that covers statistical and mathematical aspects of Blackjack. The book is allegedly used by many pros as a Blackjack math guide.

Of course, these are not the only great books out there, so feel free to explore other recommendations as well!

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