Playing A Medieval Slot Game: Castle Builder

Online casino enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that the much awaited Castle Builder slot game from Rabcat is now available from multiple online casino game operators. The signing of a distribution deal between Rabcat and Microgaming means that the 23 language multilevel slot game can now be accessed from virtually any place in the world with an internet connection. It’s even more pleasing to note that the games features and interesting concept is what makes it even more appealing. Come with me and let us take a tour into the past learning what this game truly holds for all interested enthusiasts.

The Castle Builder slots game is a five slot 15 pay line online casino game. Players take the form of a castle builder in medieval times tasked with building castles in three separate kingdoms. The building of subsequent castles tends to be more complicated and expensive as compared to previous ones. To make the castle building task more interesting the player is a required to put together the necessary building resources. The player is required to collect castle building resources by spinning the slots. On completion of a castle, the player qualifies for a reward from the king of the respective kingdom.

Castle Builder has earned a lot of praise from different operators and the developers as well due to the continuity in gameplay. The game does not end on completion of the castle building mission but continues, giving the player subsequent opportunities in earning additional winnings as demonstrated below.

After the castle building task is successfully done, a princess will occupy the castle. Here she will receive multiple suitors all with varying amounts of wealth, which is kept hidden before the wedding. The suitors include rich men with unimaginable wealth, average Joes with a lower amount of wealth and poor fellows who lie at the bottom of the pile. It is up to the builder to build the best castles as the value of the castle has a direct impact on the suitors attracted. The higher the value of the castle the wealthier the suitors and the more the player stands to gain as a reward from the king.

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