How to Avoid Detection in Blackjack Card Counting

Although blackjack card counting is a widely legal activity as long as you’re only using your head to count, a typical casino management will not hesitate to remove a successful card counter from the premises. Such bans can be somewhat frustrating, but the house has a full right to exercise it.

The solution? Don’t be obvious. Be discreet, and your Blackjack wins will likely be perceived as blind luck only. Here are some tips to help you achieve that.


Vary your bets

Develop a system in which you are regularly placing different bets. In other words, don’t keep your wager consistently small, only to dramatically bet high when the deck is in your favour. It could make the dealer suspicious.


Stay at the same table

Resist leaving the Blackjack table if the deck goes cold on you, since this kind of behaviour will look odd in the long run. Rather than moving to another table, place a small wager and wait for the next hand.


Be sloppy about your winnings

If you are arranging your chips and cheques into immaculate little stacks, it is going to look as if you are on a calculated mission to win money. You don’t want to give away that impression, so try keeping your cheques in careless heaps instead.


Tip the dealer

It is a common belief that counters don’t tip the dealers, since their winning margin typically isn’t high. You will give off a better impression if you occasionally tip the dealer – for example, each time you have a blackjack.



Looking like a tense, concentrated, sober player will quickly reveal you as a counter. Accept an occasional free drink, but drink slowly. Keep your face relaxed and exchange a line or two with other people – after all, you need to look like you’re having fun!