Different Blackjack Games

Blackjack online provides a variety of game options available for players. Selecting the best blackjack game is essential to enjoying your experience and increasing the possibility of winning the game. When making a selection, consider the bonuses, plays and interaction options available. There are mainly two types of blackjack online games available, multi-hand blackjack and single hand blackjack games.

Multi-hand Blackjack is a variation of blackjack that allows players to play with up to five decks of cards. In addition, each player is able to play up to five hands at once against the dealer. The objective is still the same to obtain a hand that does not extend beyond 21. Two of the best games are Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack and Multi-Hand Blackjack Double Exposure Blackjack.

Atlantic City Blackjack
Multi-hand Atlantic City blackjack is an exciting Atlantic City themed game that allows players to bet up to five hands simultaneously or independently from one another. Distinctive aspects of this game include the ability to play with up to eight combined decks of 52. Players are also able to split their hand if they are holding an ace. The split can only be taken once, and the winning pay-out percentage is reduced when a split is taken.

Double Exposure Blackjack
The Double Exposure Blackjack is considered highly profitable and offers the ability to win multiple jackpots. The game is mainly designed for advanced players who are highly skilled and knowledgeable with playing multi-hand blackjack. Players will have the opportunity to play a game where the dealer cards are exposed. Since both cards are visible, insurance bets are not available during the game.

With single hand blackjack, players are playing a classical form of blackjacks. The standard requirements of the game are to receive two cards face up in order to accrue a hand close to 21 point in order to beat the dealer’s hand.

European Blackjack
European Blackjack is a truly unique blackjack online game and offers a twist to the standard gaming options. The main difference is the ability for players to hold onto their entire hand while the dealer has only one card. During the game, players are able to hit, split, double or stand. In addition, insurance can also be taken during the game. This game is challenging and is considered a game that is high energy and exciting for most players.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack
Vegas Downtown blackjack plays against the dealer with two standard decks of cards. The game has low stakes and liberal rules for an advanced level game. Players are able to double down, split and take insurance. In a few online casinos, players are able to play for a small amount.