3 Things Every Blackjack Player Should Know!

Even the most experienced players sometimes forget about these, so we just wanted to put them back into your mind!

  1. Always Use Basic Strategy: Never deviate from basic strategy unless you are counting cards. online casinoBasic strategy is the mathematically optimal way to play each hand in blackjack. If you can’t memorize it then bring a strategy chart to the table, it is perfectly acceptable. Don’t feel silly because you have to use the card. Just know that using basic strategy will give you the best chance of walking out with more money than you came with.
  2. Card Counting is not Cheating or Illegal: I know you’ve probably been given the impression that those that count cards are doing something wrong, but that is simply propaganda put out by the gaming industry. They purposefully link counters with cheaters in the hopes that people will assume card counting is cheating, and their plan has worked pretty well. Card counting is simply using your mind in a game of skill. It has been ruled by courts many times that this is not cheating and certainly not illegal. They can kick you out for counting in Las Vegas because the courts have ruled that casinos are private establishments, and they can ask anyone they want to leave as long as it’s not based on religion, race, or gender.
  3. Dealers are not Blackjack Masters: Blackjack dealers are skilled at dealing blackjack not playing blackjack. Many players get the false impression that dealers must know the right plays because they have been around the game for so long. Again, they are trained to deal not trained to know what the best moves are. Now, there are some dealers that are very good players but most simply know how to deal the game so do not ask them for advice, use your strategy chart.